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The History

The territory now occupied by the Monte Sacro neighborhood seems inhabited since very old age, here we were found some fossils, dating back to 120,000 years ago.
The neighborhood was built in 1920 with a project that kept in mind the experience of the English garden city, was called in fact “Garden City Aniene”.

To visit the Church of the Holy Guardian Angels to the city gardens, built in the twentieth century Art Barocchetto.
The church overlooks the Piazza Sempione, is in style of transition between late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, has a facade slightly convex with an elegant window instead of the rose window in the gable. On the front the words “Angelis Custodibus”.
Unique to visit Ponte Nomentano, with which the Nomentana crosses the river Aniene, is a building from the Roman period of which retains the central arch of the first century, the upper elevated and fortified in the Middle Ages. According to tradition, here came the meeting between Carlomagno e Leone III in the “800”.
Stendhal visited him April 18, 1828 and in Italian Journey speaks of the beauty of the place and the excellent Italian coffee.
The bridge was portrayed by painters, artists, photographers for its distinctive and gloomy appearance and its majestic arch which rises higher on the complex turreted and crenellated medieval.

Here was born the very famous singer Claudio Baglioni, lives here Sabina Guzzanti, comedian and satirical actress, also lived the songwriter Rino Gaetano, the screen writer Ennio Flaiano, among his films: guardie e ladri, la romana, fantasmi a Roma. He has worked with Federico Fellini in the movie , i vitelloni, la dolce vita, otto e mezzo.