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The Hotel “ARS Hotel” is a remarkable example of a building designed in the immediate recovery of the early Twentieth Century.
The restoration works have involved the use of a villa in the district of Rome called “Montesacro- Garden City”, for the realization of a receptive hotel “ARS”
The challenging work has allowed us to enhance the original architectural and environmental characteristics.
The current building is the result of several layers, which was originally built in the early twenties. The villa has a building complex which is completed with other buildings in the ‘urban area, surrounded by a unique garden.
The main building is composed of a ground floor, three upper levels and an attic. In addition, the layout of the volumes is enhanced by small balconies that characterize the different floors.
Access to hotel you can either from the main entrance in Via Monte Altissimo that behind the complex in viale Carnaro.
In the district the streets are named with the Italian mountains.

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